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Boris – Pinball wizard or political tribalism

Pinball Game

I always liked pinball. Some people love it. For me, I tried to keep the ball in play for as long as I could. It's that’s simple. Let random chance handle all the bells, lights, ricochets, and points.


Boris - The Gambler

Throwing the dice - Boris the Gambler

Boris is between a rock and a hard place. Politically speaking ignoring SAGE's advice for a short sharp circuit breaker was ill advised placing him and the country in a very precarious position.  Wales having a circuit breaker themselves - is further heaping pressure on the PM. 

Coronavirus: Ten-point wish list for local communications

Image of Covid - 19 Corona Virus

My heart goes out to those poor people diagnosed with Coronavirus, families that have lost loved ones and everybody trapped in hotels, ships and towns across the world. Although the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has said he has drawn up his "battle plans" with no stone left unturned, if ministers and health officials cannot contain the virus, as seems very likely it inevitably will spread. The clock is ticking.


Councils trading on a wing and a prayer?

Shop open sign to illustrate business support

Will the wings of local authorities be clipped following the publication of a highly critical National Audit Office (NAO) report on councils' acquisition of commercial property? And what will this mean for local authority trading companies and council's still struggling to bridge the gap in their budgets?


Political Behaviour and Brexit

UK and EU flags signifying Brexit Debate and the resulting political behaviour and fall out on local government

Whatever people's views are on the Brexit debate- leavers and remainers, everybody I've talked to is agreed on one thing - the manoeuvrings in Parliament, stoked up over the last month by the media and an intransigent EU has left everybody with an increasing distrust of political motives. Which is a real shame - I have known committed politicians from all parties who have worked hard for their own communities - for little or no reward.

This article is not about Brexit per se, but the impact of political behaviour.

Clean Air Zones - a new debate is needed

reducing vehicle emissions from car exhausts

I am resisting talking about Brexit as a lot more needs to play out but want to take everyone back to the earlier announcement about the Government's Clean Air Strategy at the beginning of the week. This is something close to my heart.


Severn Bridge - Opportunity or Threat

Work removing tolls

Just before Christmas I passed by the removal of the toll booths of the Severn Bridge and it was a 48-hour media sensation. I think the true scale of these changes will not become clear for at least 6 months.


The Risk Business

Raheem Sterling defending the ball

Where do I start? First an uninspiring England draw to Croatia and then we taught Spain a footballing lesson in Seville. Ups and downs.