Coronavirus: Ten-point wish list for local communications

Image of Covid - 19 Corona Virus

My heart goes out to those poor people diagnosed with Coronavirus, families that have lost loved ones and everybody trapped in hotels, ships and towns across the world. Although the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock has said he has drawn up his "battle plans" with no stone left unturned, if ministers and health officials cannot contain the virus, as seems very likely it inevitably will spread. The clock is ticking.


Minority Report - Is AI the future of public sector comms?

Is the dystopian vision of Minority Report a future vision of public sector communications

I’ve been watching the film Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film, Minority Report recently and have been struck how many things from driverless cars to drones are coming true. The film using pre-cogs to predict future crime and takes action before it happens. Is there a parallel with the emergence of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence?