Supporting income generation in the public sector


It's really tough running a commercial business in a competitive environment. Especially in the public sector - where it's critical to raise additional income or to cut costs whilst managing Member's expectations.

Ten Bears Marketing as local government specialists can assist to bridge the gap between the public sector and commercial marketing.

We offer creative thinking to:

  • Audit your commercial services to identify new business opportunities to raise income, cut costs or change behaviours
  • Help you refine your own commercial business plans and strategies to generate ROI
  • Help you set up digital networks, and lever maximum commercial value from your website and other social media channles
  • Join up with your internal communications teams - providing advice and support

We understand political thinking, the need and pressures on services, and demands for quick results - in the shortest possible time and - often a very low cost.

When you are ready - Let's talk

If you want to know more about what we do please call Jonathan on 07306 257260 or email